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Full Service

We recommend that you have your bleacher inspected for multiple reasons such as equipment performance, cost controls, appearance, and most importantly safety. Bleacher manufacturers recommend that yearly inspection are completed to ensure proper operation, warranty fulfillment, and to maximize the life span. State regulations and building codes require this certification to ensure that your bleachers are safe and code compliant.


The operational and visual inspections our trained and certified technicians will complete and include a detailed list of the following: 

• Under structure       • Decking       • Rails       • Steps

• Seats       • Motors       • Electrical Components


After the bleacher inspection is completed, we will provide a report including photographs of non-functioning parts and details of what is required to restore your bleacher to proper working condition.

To ensure your bleacher remains safe and working properly, we recommend that you perform full service on your bleacher every few years. During the visit, H&B will service the bleacher and perform the following:

• Inspect wall attachments - looking for fatigue and security

• Inspect bleacher frame - inspect frames, posts, cross braces for wear, bending, and metal fatigue, all hardware must be tight

• Proper row lock operation

• Wheels and guide rods - wear, floor damage, free movement

• Deck support connections

• Drive System, drive rollers, shafts - hardware, fatigue, wear

• Seats and Decking - wear, cracked seats, loose hardware

• Steps - loose hardware, wear, anti-slip, rise, square

• Railings, hand rails, front rails, end rails - loose hardware, auto fold operation, safety, dimensions

• Skirting - safety, wear, fatigue

• Motors and controllers - loose hardware, wiring, overload protection, amp draw, mount, drive shaft keyways

• Lubrication of needed components

• Communication with facility for any recommendations or future repairs

To maximize the life span of the bleacher small problems need to be caught early to prevent larger issues. Our experience will ensure your bleacher will be safe and work properly.

For more information or to schedule your bleacher inspection, Contact us.



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