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Maintenance Plans

To ensure your bleachers, basketball hoops, curtains, and operable walls are in safe working order, we offer flexible Maintenance Plans for your facility. If you would like a yearly service or less, we can customize a plan that fits your needs. Maintenance Plans are recommended for many reasons. Here are a few reasons most have a plan with H&B Specialized Products, Inc:

• Competitive Pricing

• Experienced Technicians

• Maximize the life of the product

• Reduce the chance of down time

• Custom scheduling to allow multiple locations to be scheduled and logged

• Catch problems before they get worse

• If the need arises for other service, No trip charge and reduced labor rates

With each maintenance plan, H&B Specialized Products, Inc. will track the visits and inform you when each location and equipment is due for the next call.

H&B Service Sample Maintenance Plan.JPG

To maximize the life span of your gymnasium equipment, small problems need to be caught early to prevent the larger issues. Our experience will ensure your facility's equipment will be safe and work properly.

For more information or pricing, Contact us.



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